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OUR Mission

Our mission is to see more women succeed like Hema, Irina and Gina by empowering
a female chef to overcome the challenges of breaking into the restaurant industry.

Female chefs make
28% less than men

Less than 20% of
chefs are women

Only 33% of restaurants
are owned by women


Become your own success story! Apply for our Women’s project for your opportunity to prove
your restaurant concept and successfully break into this industry. One female chef will receive:

  • Kitchen

    • A professional kitchen space for three months
    • Standard cooking tools and appliances

  • Financing & Marketing

    • Operating budget for food, packaging, staff, etc.
    • Delivery support through Grubhub
    • Promotion through marketing channels


    • Counsel from industry experts
    • Business and order analytics training

Apply for our project